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George Stickle

George Stickle (1768 Est.-After 1850)
George's Personal Information
Born in 1768 (Estimated)
Died in Unknown City/Co., Virginia (VA), USA after 1850 (Age 82)
Cemetery: Unknown?
1st Marriage to Jane Unknown? (Stickle) (? - ?)
2nd Marriage to Sarah Brown (Stickle) (?-1850) on December 1, 1819 (Age 52)
- in Loudon County, Virginia (VA), USA
Comments: Census of 1810 indicates a George Stickle in Loudoun County, the census indicates that he has two children under the age of 10 living in his home, and two boys between the ages of 10 and 15 years. There were also 3 boys between the ages of 16 and 25 living in the home. There was also one man over the age of 45 and two girls between the ages of 10 and 15. And one woman between the ages of 26 and 44. The older man and woman are most likely George and his wife. George did not own any slaves.

The Census of 1820 lists George Stickel still living in Loudoun Co. The census indicates that he was either working or living on the Josiah Murray's Plantation.

The Census of 1830 lists a George Stickel living in Loudoun Co. Living in George's home are one boy between the ages of 15-19, One man between the ages of 30-39, one man between the ages of 60-60, on man between the ages of 70-79, 2 girls between the ages of 5-9, one girl between the ages of 15-19, one woman between the age of 20-29 and one woman between the age of 60-69. There were no slaves, handicapped or foreigners living in the house.

The 1840 Census shows a "George Stickle" living in Henry Co., VA.

The 1850 Census indicated George living with his son Joseph and his age is 82.
Residence History: 1810-1830 Loudoun County, 1840 Living in Henry Co.,
Other Website Links: George is listed in the family tree report for Descendents of George Stickle (Winchester, Virginia)
Stickels of Winchester, VA
Source: David Stickels (CA) and Larry Stickles (AL)
Submitted by Mark Stephen Stickels on December 12, 2005.

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