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Mark Stickels

Mark Stephen Stickels (hidden)
  • Spouses:
    1. Pauline Clairette Martin (Santorelli) (hidden)
    2. Lisa C Moseley (hidden)
  • Children:
    1. Daughter: Stacy Anne Stickels (hidden)
    2. Daughter: Michelle Pauline Stickels (hidden)
    3. Son: (Sam) Samuel Bailey Stickels (hidden)
  • Stepchildren:
    1. Daughter: L A Plunk (?)
    2. Son: G G Plunk (?)
    3. Daughter: N M Rowe (?)
    4. Daughter: S J Rowe (?)
  • Parents
    1. Father: (Bud) Ernest Newton Stickels, Jr. (hidden)
    2. Stepfather: (Frank) Francis R Ridley, Jr. ()
    3. Mother: (Dana) Dorothy Ann Castree (Ridley) ()
    4. Stepmother: Phyllis Joyce Dyer (Stickels) ()
  • Siblings
    1. Brother: (Kathy) Katherine Anne Stickels (Hare) ()
    2. Brother: (Scott) Ernest Scott Stickels ()
    3. Stepbrother: (Ann) Carolyn Ann Cheek (Fair) ()
    4. Stepbrother: Susan Elizabeth Cheek (Pace) ()
    5. Stepbrother: Phyllis Dyer Cheek (Garrett) ()
    6. Stepbrother: (Chip) Norwood Janney Cheek, Jr. ()
Mark's Personal Information
Born in Newport News, Virginia (VA), USA
Birth Date hidden for Living Descendents
Education: North Kingstown HS, RI (1974)
Rhode Island College, Providence, RI (1 yr)
Univ. of Maryland, College Park, MD (4 yrs)
Degree(s) Obtained: Civil Engineering Major (left school without completing degree)
Occupation: Computer Programmer and Consultant
Interests: Tennis, and Genealogy
1st Marriage to
    Pauline Clairette Martin (Santorelli) (hidden) on Saturday, June 23, 1979
- in Central Falls, Rhode Island (RI), USA
- ended on December 11, 1995 - in Upper Marlboro, Maryland (MD), USA
- Divorced
2nd Marriage to
    Lisa C Moseley (hidden) on Sunday, February 9, 1997
- in North Potomac, Maryland (MD), USA
- ended on September 15, 2011 - in Fairfield, Jefferson Co., Iowa (IA), USA
- Separated in June 2004, Divorced
Religion: Catholic Baptism - Jan 22, 1956 at Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Warwick, Virginia (VA), USA
First Communion also in Warwick, Virginia
Confimation at St. Mary's Church in Lancaster, Pennsylvania (PA), USA
Currently Living in: Silver Spring, Maryland (MD), USA
Contact Information: Email:
Residence History: Birth to 1976, moved around North/NE US; Virginia, Indiana, Illinois, New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Ohio and Rhode Island. Lived in Greenbelt, Maryland from 1975 to 1995 then moved to the Montgomery County, Maryland area.
Other Website Links: Stickels of Winchester, VA
Submitted by Mark Stephen Stickels (Shown Above) on December 22, 2005

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