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George W Stickle

George W Stickle (08/29/1854 - ?)
  • Spouse: None
  • Children:None
  • Parents
    1. Father: Barnabas King Stickle (10/12/1817-10/07/1875)
    2. Mother: Caroline Tuttle (Stickle) (? - ?)
  • Siblings
    1. Sister: Cornelia A. Stickle (Oram) (? - ? (wife Benjamin B. Oram))
    2. Brother: David Edgar (? - ?)
    3. Sister: Laura Stickle (Klotz) (? - ? (wife of Samuel Klotz))
    4. Brother: Byron King Stickle (?-03/16/1912)
    5. Sister: Carrie Stickle (? - ? (wife of Dr. Robert A. Reid, of Boston))
George's Personal Information
Born in Rockaway, New Jersey (NJ), USA on August 29, 1854
Died in Morris county, New Jersey (NJ), USA Date of Death: Unknown
Religion: fervent member of the Presbyterian church for over seventy years
Comments: As of 1914, George owned a lumber yards at Rockaway and dealt extensively in real estate.

He was a director in the Morris County Savings Bank and was likewise a member of the directorate of the Hanover Fire Insurance Company of New York and of the Morris County Fire Insurance Company. His political convictions coincided with the principles upheld by the Republican party and for two terms he gave efficient service as mayor of Rockaway. Although not a member of the Presbyterian church, he was reared in the faith of that denomination and during the year of 1914 was one of the trustees of the Rockaway Presbyterian Church.
Source: History Morris County New Jersey, Volume II, Lewis Publishing Co., 1914
Submitted by Mark Stephen Stickels on April 13, 2006.

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