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(Bud) Ernest Newton Stickels Jr.

(Bud) Ernest Newton Stickels, Jr. (hidden)
  • Spouse(2): Phyllis Joyce Dyer (Stickels) (?)
  • Children:
    1. Son: Mark Stephen Stickels (hidden)
    2. Son: (Kathy) Katherine Anne Stickels (Hare) (?)
    3. Son: (Scott) Ernest Scott Stickels (?)
  • Stepchildren:
    1. Son: (Ann) Carolyn Ann Cheek (Fair) (?)
    2. Son: Susan Elizabeth Cheek (Pace) (?)
    3. Son: Phyllis Dyer Cheek (Garrett) (?)
    4. Son: (Chip) Norwood Janney Cheek, Jr. (?)
  • Parents
    1. Father: (Ernie) Ernest Newton Stickels, Sr. (02/16/1906-08/01/1981)
    2. Mother: (Kitty) Katherine Evelyn Kavanaugh (Stickels) (30 July 1907 - 1 Nov 1972)
  • Siblings
    1. Sister: (Betty) Katherine Elizabeth Stickels (McClure) (Hidden)
Bud's Personal Information
Born in Baltimore, Maryland (MD), USA
Education: Ohio State University
Degree(s) Obtained: BS - Civil Engineering
Occupation: Construction Management for Gilbane Building Company - Retired
Primerica Financial Services
Military Service: US Navy, Lt. J.G., 4 years service
1st Marriage to (Dana) Dorothy Ann Castree (Ridley) on May 28, 1955
- in Norfolk, Virginia (VA), USA
- ended on January 1, 1977 - in Upper Marlboro, Maryland (MD), USA
- Divorced
2nd Marriage to Phyllis Joyce Dyer (Stickels) on June 26, 1980
- in Cincinatti, Ohio (OH), USA
Currently Living in: Eden, North Carolina (NC), USA
Contact Information: Phone Number and Email Address available upon request
Other Website Links: Stickels of Winchester, VA and Navy Photo
Submitted by Mark Stephen Stickels on December 22, 2005.

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