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(Mattie) Martha Ellen Proctor (Stickel)

(Mattie) Martha Ellen Proctor (Stickel) (1866 - ?)
Mattie's Personal Information
Born in Unknown City/Co., Illinois (IL), USA in 1866
Died in New Virginia, Warren Co., Iowa (IA), USA in 1958 (Age 92)
Cemetery: New Virginia Cemetery in Warren Co., Virginia (VA), USA
Marriage to Elias Proudfoot Stickel (01/20/1857-12/18/1940) on January 1, 1890 (Age 24)
- in Unknown City/Co., Iowa (IA), USA
- Married before 1890
Source: Patricia Pirillo Rootsweb site and
Vernon E. Wilson.
Submitted by Mark Stephen Stickels on April 24, 2006.

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