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Welcome to the Stickel(s) and Stickle(s) web site. This web site is dedicated to people all over the world who share the last name (surname) of "Stickel(s)" or one of its related spellings. This is an educational web site with the expressed intention of connecting people of the Stickle(s) lineage by providing a forum for the exchange of information. Here's a current list of the services provided by this web site.

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bullet Name Directory - Check out our list of individuals and add your name to our list. This list may be helpful to genealogist to connect individuals to the various family trees.
bullet Family Trees and Genealogy - This section shows the various family trees posted on our website from around the world. Whenever possible we try to find a connection between registered individuals and their family lineage. Feel free to look for a possible connection to you family.
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This web site was created on May 1, 2001. Since its inception we continue to recieve regular emails and submissions from Stickel(s) all over the world. As of early 2006, we upgraded the website with a web database engine so that we can now easily add new name submissions to the name directory. For many years we could not keep up with the name submissions. In the Summer of 2006, we added a descendent reporting feature to list all the various family trees now posted on the website.

If you share the Stickel(s)/Stickle(s) name or if you are a descendent of a Stickel(s)/Stickle(s) then we encourage you to add your name to our directory and add as much information about yourself as you feel comfortable sharing with the world. We do not post birth dates of living individuals and we do not post email addresses. However, many people find the names of long lost friends and neigbors and send us emails to request a contact. When we recieve these emails we will forward them on to the individuals in question and they can reply if they so desire.

When adding your name we are especially interested in your Stickel(s)/Stickle(s) lineage so please post as much information as you can provide on grand parents and great grand parents. We would like to help you find a connection to other family members and your ancestors.

Thanks for your interest,

Mark Stickels
Webmaster, Stickels.ORG and
Silver Spring, Maryland, USA
(301) 933-1545
August 2006

Last Updated: June 17, 2008