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If you share the "Stickels" surname you may want to get a custom email address. We can create a custom email address using the "" domain name. If your name is still available we will create an email address using "". My Email address is "" and my wife's email is "". Since my company "Coherent Web Solutions" is now in the web hosting and internet services business we are offering this service FREE of charge. We are hoping that you if you like and use the service you will consider hosting your current or future web site with us. We also offer a full range of web solutions from web site design (we have some really great graphic artists) to all the related internet services like video, databases, chat, etc.

Email addresses are being created on a first come, first serve basis, so sign up right away. Once we setup your account we will forward all mail to the email address specified below. If you change your email then just call us or send us your new email address and we will redirect your mail to your new address. So when you change internet providers all you have to do is tell us your new email address and none of your friends will know the difference. If you currently have a web site and want to use this domain name then see our "Web Pointers service".

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June 2008

Last Updated: June 17, 2008