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Washington Stickle

Washington Stickle (11/21/1798-09/13/1877)
  • Spouse: Jane Kingsland (9 Sep 1797 - 12 Nov 1863 )
  • Children:
    1. Daughter: Nancy Stickle (Crane) (?)
  • Parents
    1. Father: George Stickle, Sr. (07/03/1763-1835)
    2. Mother: Sarah Beaman (Stickle) (13 Jul 1765 - ?)
Washington's Personal Information
Born in Rockaway, Morris co., New Jersey (NJ), USA on November 21, 1798
Died on September 13, 1877 (Age 79)
Cemetery: Rockaway Valley Methodist Church cemetery in Boonton, Morris Co., New Jersey (NJ), USA
Marriage to
    Jane Kingsland (9 Sep 1797 - 12 Nov 1863 )
- Both Washington and Jane are buried at Rockaway Valley Methodist Church cemetery
Residence History: They lived near Boontown N.J. Where Mrs. Ricker still lives on 27 acres of his 1815 homestead property. Her daughter lives on the remaining 12 acres. (Gretchen)
Source: Virginia Hillhouse ( and
Find a Grave Entry for Washington Stickle and
Sherry Lee Shaw (Kobee) and
Grechen Stickle (Schultz) Website and
Family Lines: Washington is listed in the following family line report: Peter Stickle (Germany-NJ)
Submitted by Sherry Lee Shaw (Kobee) on April 13, 2006 [Sherry's G3 Grandfather]

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