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John Stickel, I

John Stickel, I (01/01/1820-01/01/1893)
  • Spouse: Catherine Ann Albright (Stickle) (1827-1903 (Age 76))
  • Children:
    1. Son: John Stickel, II (06/15/1853-10/25/1932)
  • Parents
    1. Father: Unknown? (?)
    2. Mother: Unknown? (?)
John's Personal Information
Born on Saturday, January 1, 1820
Died in Carlisle, Cumberland Co., Pennsylvania (PA), USA on Sunday, January 1, 1893 (Age 73)
Cemetery: Letort Cemetery in Carlisle, Cumberland Co., Pennsylvania (PA), USA
Marriage to
    Catherine Ann Albright (Stickle) (1827-1903 (Age 76))
Source: Terry Ellen Stickel (Hintz) and
Terry's Web Site and
Find a Grave for John Stickel

Family Lines: John is listed in the following family line report: John Stickle (Carlisle-PA)
Submitted by Terry Ellen Stickel (Hintz) on March 1, 2006

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