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Albert Stickle

Albert King Stickle (05/27/1843-11/07/1925)
  • Spouse: Mary Devine (Stickle) (Dec. 1846 - ?)
  • Children:
    1. Daughter: Grace Stickle (abt 1879 - ?) B:New Jersey)
    2. Daughter: Lena Stickle (DeMuro) (1881-1947)
    3. Daughter: Mamie Stickle (Martin) (1884 - ?)
  • Parents
    1. Father: Jacob P Stickle (05/15/1790-1873)
    2. Mother: Phebe E. P. Austin (Stickle) (06/14/1814-1876)
  • Siblings
    1. Brother: Augustus Ceasar Stickle (04/11/1837-05/01/1921 Est.)
    2. Brother: Levy Kneeland Stickle (24 Apr 1838 - ?) B:Massachusetts)
    3. Brother: William Henry H. Stickle (3 Jul 1840 - ?) B:Massachusetts)
    4. Brother: Henry Clay Stickle (04/11/1844 - ?)
    5. Sister: Ann Augusta Stickle (Hall) (03/20/1848-03/01/1923 Est.)
    6. Sister: Mary Elizabeth Stickle (Hall) (15 May 1850 - ?) B:New Jersey)
    7. Brother: John Joseph Stickle (30 Nov 1853 - ?)
    8. Sister: Sarah Maria Stickle (Richardson) (Oct 1855 - ?)
Albert's Personal Information
Born in Washington, Massachusetts (MA), USA on Saturday, May 27, 1843
Military Service: Civil War Veteran
Private, Battery B, New Jersey Light Artillary, Civil War. See pension document
Died on Saturday, November 7, 1925 (Age 82)
Cemetery: East Ridgelawn Cemetery in Clifton, Passaic Co., New Jersey (NJ), USA
Plot: Section 20
Marriage to
    Mary Devine (Stickle) (Dec. 1846 - ?)
- Mary was born in Canada
Comments: Pictures of Albert can also be seen on Facebook.

A picture of Albert's grave marker and portrait can be found at - Find A Grave Entry for Albert K Stickle

The family bible of Jacob Stickle indicates the birth date of Albert, and the rest of his family.

Scanned Document: Civil War pension document and Flip Side

Civil War Era Photograph

The above documents and picture were provided by Ginny Hillhouse.

The 1850 Census shows Albert at age 7 years living in Rockaway, New Jersey (Year: 1850; Census Place: Rockaway, Morris, New Jersey; Roll: M432_459; Page: 345; Image: 227.)

The 1860 Census shows Albert at age 17 years still living in Rockaway. (Year: 1860; Census Place: Rockaway, Morris, New Jersey; Roll: M653_704; Page: 79; Image: 81.)

Picture of Grace Stickle in 1912 (age 33)
Residence History: Born in Massachusetts and Moved to Rockaway, New Jersey (NY), was living in Rockaway at the age of 7 years until age 17 years.
Source: Ginny Hillhouse (MD) and
Find A Grave Entry for Albert K Stickle
Family Lines: Albert is listed in the following family line report: Peter Stickle (Germany-NJ)
Submitted by Gretchen Ora Stickle (Schultz) on September 20, 2006

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