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Robert Stickel

Robert Eugene Stickel (02/18/1924-12/14/1997)
  • Spouse: Vera Louise Craft (Stickel) (15 Apr 1929 - 3 Jan 1993 )
  • Children:
    1. Son: Lynn Eugene Stickel (hidden)
    2. Daughter: (Debbie) Debra Suzanne Stickel (Brown) (hidden)
    3. Daughter: Sandra Kaye Stickel (Chrisman) (hidden)
    4. Son: Larry Steven Stickel (2 Feb 1959 - 18 Feb 1998)
  • Parents
    1. Father: Lloyd Emery Stickel (10/01/1899 Est.-02/19/1947)
    2. Mother: Mary Crum Hocker (Stickel) (5 Oct 1897 - 20 Nov 1986)
  • Siblings
    1. Brother: Lloyd Emery Stickel, Jr. (Abt 1920 - 09 Apr 1922)
    2. Brother: Kenneth Hocker Stickel (19 Oct 1921 - 01 Apr 1999 )
    3. Sister: B. J. Stickel (Herington) (?)
Robert's Personal Information
Born in Decatur, Macon Co., Illinois (IL), USA on Monday, February 18, 1924
Died in Scottsdale, Arizona (Az), USA on Sunday, December 14, 1997 (Age 74)
Social Security No: 361-14-5101 (Issued in Illinois)
Marriage to
    Vera Louise Craft (Stickel) (15 Apr 1929 - 3 Jan 1993 ) on Saturday, February 25, 1950 (Age 26)
- in Elwin, Macon Co., Illinois (IL), USA
- Vera was born in Effingham, Illinois and died in Gilbert, Arizona - SS# 340-22-3378 (issued in Illinois). Vera's father was Cleo Craft and her mother was M. White (Craft)
Comments: The Evangelist "Johnny Chambers" accused of swindling Robert was most recently seen somewhere in Mississippi on a Large Billboard in 2006.

John Chambers, Tatjana and his then wife Natalie (There may be a new wife now named Prissilla) have all been named in a civil suit regarding the Estate of Robert Stickel. Robert died under suspicious cercumstances and all of his life's savings was taken by the three named defendents in the case. Additional information available upon request. See the above mentioned web articles.

Note: The Scottsdale Times article (above) only focus's on the story about Tatjana, but "Johnny Chambers" and his then wife Natalie also played a large role in the scheme to exert "undue influence and other improper means" to induce Robert to contribute the bulk of his life savings to the Chambers and party.
Other Website Links:

The Scottsdale Times had an article about Bob's swindle titled:
Sweetheart Scams.

Tulsa World Newspaper Archives:
Evangelist ordered to pay Robert Stickel's estate
Source: Craycroft and Bresnan Genealogy Pages and Debra Stickel
Submitted by (Debbie) Debra Suzanne Stickel (Brown) on August 13, 2006

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