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Phyllis Arlene Iden Stickel (Grimes, Madden, Noakes)

Phyllis Arlene Iden Stickel (Grimes, Madden, Noakes) (hidden)
  • Spouse: William Preston Grimes (16 Feb 1935 to 8 Oct 1989)
  • Children:
    1. Daughter: Joy Love Grimes (Wood) (hidden)
    2. Daughter: JoAnn Grimes (Richards, Tipton) (Hidden)
    3. Son: William Preston Grimes, Jr. (Hidden)
    4. Son: Jamie Edgar Grimes (Hidden)
    5. Son: Walter Lee Grimes (Hidden)
  • Parents
    1. Father: Henry William Stickel (03/04/1907-03/27/1964)
    2. Mother: Fannie Elizabeth Wilson (Stickel) (1 Aug 1916 - ?)
  • Siblings
    1. Halfbrother: Infant? (? - ?)
    2. Sister: (Pee Wee) Gloria Velinder Stickel (Virts) (hidden)
    3. Brother: John Henry Stickel (Hidden)
    4. Brother: Thomas Carroll Stickel (Hidden)
Phyllis's Personal Information
Born in Clark County, Virginia (VA), USA
1st Marriage to William Preston Grimes on June 4, 1955
- Born in West Virginia (WV) and Died in Staunton, Virginia (VA), USA
2nd Marriage to Donald Madden on October 1, 1970
- in Unknown City, South Carolina (SC), USA
3rd Marriage to unknown Noakes
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Submitted by (Pee Wee) Gloria Velinder Stickel (Virts) before February 14, 2002.

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