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Moses Stickel

Moses Stickel (06/07/1813-01/01/1884 Est.)
Moses's Personal Information
Born in Frederick County, Virginia (VA), USA on June 7, 1813
Military Service: Served in the American Revolution under George Washington.
Died in Douglas Co., Illinois (IL), USA on January 1, 1884 (Estimated) (Age 71)
1st Marriage to Asenith Reid (Stickel) (01/12/1824-03/23/1890) on January 10, 1847 (Age 34)
- in Perry Co., Illinois (IL), USA
2nd Marriage to Mahala Blake (Stickel) (01/01/1813 Est.-03/28/1840) on January 29, 1834 (Age 21)
- in Frederick County, Virginia (VA), USA
3rd Marriage to Mary Glascock (Stickel) (01/01/1813 Est.-03/28/1840) on January 1, 1842 (Age 29)
- in Green Co., Tennessee (TN), USA
Other Website Links: Moses is listed in the family tree report for Descendents of Daniel Stickell (Virginia to Illinois)
Source: Jones Family by Steve Gunn
Submitted by Steve Gunn on September 12, 2006.

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