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Alice Stickel

Alice Elizabeth Hoover (Stickel) (01/05/1925-03/17/1999)
Alice's Personal Information
Born in Patton, Cambria Co., Pennsylvania (PA), USA on Monday, January 5, 1925
Died in Carlisle, Cumberland Co., Pennsylvania (PA), USA on Wednesday, March 17, 1999 (Age 74)
Cemetery: Resurrection Cemetery in Harrisburg, Dauphin Co., Pennsylvania (PA), USA
Burial: 22 MAR 1999
Social Security No: 160-20-xxxx (Issued in Pennsylvania)
Marriage to
    Ross Eugene Stickel, Jr. (07/02/1923-10/26/2000) on Tueday, December 27, 1949 (Age 25)
- in Carrolltown, Cambria Co., Pennsylvania (PA), USA
- Marriage at St Benedict's Catholic Church
Comments: A picture of Alice can be seen at - Find a Grave entry for Alice Elizabeth Hoover Stickel
Source: Terry's Genealogy.Com Site #4 and
David Miller's Rootsweb site #I2429 and
My Heritage Website and
Find a Grave entry for Alice Elizabeth Hoover Stickel and
SSDI and Brenda Stickel (Rahacek)
Submitted by Terry Ellen Stickel (Hintz) on March 1, 2006 [Terry's mother]

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