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Louisa E Stickel

Louisa E Fuller (Stickel) (? - ?)
  • Spouse: George H Stickel (01/01/1837 - ?)
  • Children: None
  • Parents
    1. Father: Unknown Fuller (? - ?)
    2. Stepfather: Nathaniel Hillin/Hillen (? - ?)
    3. Mother: Lora or Laura (Fuller, Hillen) (? - ?)
  • Siblings
    1. Sister: Ruth Ann Fuller (DeWitt) (? - ?)
Louisa's Personal Information
Birth Date: Unknown
Date of Death: Unknown
Marriage to George H Stickel (01/01/1837 - ?) on May 2, 1858
- in Perry Co., Illinois (IL), USA
Comments: Louisa's mother, a widow Lora (Laura) Fuller married Nathaniel Hillin (Hillen) in Illinoise (IL) and subsequently died after the birth of two more children. (See 1850 ILL Census) I do not know Laura's maiden name. Ruth Ann Fuller (sister of Louisa) married James Andrew DeWitt in Perry County, Illinois (IL) and later moved to California (CA). Ruth Ann had a daughter, Laura DeWitt (their oldest daughter), who had a sister named Ella and a brother named George suggesting a connection with the Fullers of this web-page.... Jean Rolph
Other Website Links: Louisa is listed in the family tree report for Descendents of Daniel Stickell (Virginia to Illinois)
Source: Jones Family by Steve Gunn and Jean Rolph
Submitted by Steve Gunn on September 12, 2006.

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