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Ora Stickle

Ora Dell Condit (Stickle) (09/04/1873-03/01/1954 Est.)
Ora's Personal Information
Born in Anamosa, Iowa (IA), USA on September 4, 1873
Died in Averill, Michigan (MI), USA on March 1, 1954 (Estimated) (Age 80)
Marriage to
    Colonel Horton Whitfield Stickle, Sr. (03/21/1875-03/01/1959 Est.) on August 28, 1901 (Age 28)
- in Unknown City/Co., Iowa (IA), USA
Comments: Until her health declined, she was a good bridge partner for her husband, but she suffered from the shingles and didnt get around as well as she used to.
Residence History: Once told her daughter Leonora, that she and her husband Horton and family had moved 29 times during her married life, mostly from one state to another and sometimes back again.
Source: Gretchen Stickle (Shultz)
Family Lines: Ora is listed in the following family line report: Nicolaus Stickles (Amsterdam-NY)
Submitted by Gretchen Ora Stickle (Schultz) on September 20, 2006

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