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Lillian Dessie Stickels

Lillian Dessie Browning (Stickels) (09/29/1915-02/24/1985)
  • Spouse: Perry James Stickels, Sr. (12/25/1907-08/14/1982)
  • Children:
    1. Son: Perry James Stickels, Jr. (12/09/1934-10/12/1994)
    2. Daughter: Carla Sue Stickels (Rawski) (?)
    3. Son: Charles Jackson Stickels (2 Feb 1942 - 25 June 2005)
  • Parents
    1. Father: Unknown? (?)
    2. Mother: Unknown? (?)
Lillian's Personal Information
Born in Franklin Co., Illinois (IL), USA on September 29, 1915
Died in Montclair, San Bernardino Co., California (CA), USA on February 24, 1985 (Age 69)
Social Security No: 343-18-7072 (Issued in Illinois)
Marriage to Perry James Stickels, Sr. (12/25/1907-08/14/1982) on March 2, 1934 (Age 18)
- in Royalton, Illinois (IL), USA
Residence History: Perry came to California at the beginning of WWII to work, his family followed him in the 1940's.
Other Website Links: Lillian is listed in the family tree report for Descendents of Daniel Stickell (Virginia to Illinois)
Source: Carol Adele Stickels (Bradford)
Submitted by Carol Adele Stickels (Bradford) on June 27, 2005.

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